Where not to go on holiday: the 20 most dangerous countries in the world

byVerónica Crocitti
Most dangerous countries in the world

There are 20 countries that the Farnesina defines as the most dangerous in the world and advises against them for any type of travel: here is the list.

Before embarking on a journey, be it short or long, it is always good to find out about the political and economic situation of the chosen destination as well as its general level of security. Between216 countries that make up the world, in fact, there are some decidedly "off limits", not recommended not only for leisure holidays but also for travel of different types.

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What are the most dangerous countries in the world? In the portalTravel Safefrom the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation there are information sheets for each individual country, with precise indications on general security, crime, terrorism risk, environmental risks, health and various warnings. Here are the 20 most dangerous states in the world according to theFarnesina.


Afghanistan stands out at the top of the list of the most dangerous countries in the world. The Farnesina advises against "travel of any kind" specifying that "the risk of kidnappings and terrorist acts against foreigners is very high throughout the country, including Kabul.Security conditions are prohibitive throughout the country".

Burkina Faso

“In light of the general picture of insecurity in the entire Sahelian area – quotes the Ministry – also affected byterrorist phenomena, as well as due to the still unstable political-institutional scenario, travel to the country for any reason is not recommended".


Traveling to Burundi, in the heart of Africa, is also not recommended. "The permanent political crisis that the country is going through - we read in Viaggiare Sicuri - is leading to a radicalization of the positions of the parties involved, with serious prejudice to the security conditions". Burundi is exposed to ahigh risk of terrorism, both in the light of the general increase in terrorist attacks in Africa, and in consideration of the participation of the Burundian armed forces in the AMISOM mission in Somalia.

Most dangerous countries in the world


Trips to Chad are absolutely not recommended except for reasons of actual necessity. “Following the presidential elections of April 2016 – is the official explanation – there were demonstrations which degenerated into violent clashes. Despite the current climate appearing less tense, a massive deployment of the security apparatus remains in force, especially in the capital. It is recommended to avoid any political events, protests or demonstrations of any kind.Armed robberies, even directed against foreign citizens, are frequent. There have been kidnappings in eastern Chad involving NGO workers and businessmen.

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Guinea Bissau

The level of security in Guinea Bissau is such that all unnecessary travel is advised against. “Legislative elections were held in Guinea Bissau on 10 March, the definitive results of which are not yet known. Therecorruptionit is widespread throughout the country and there is a high crime rate in the capital", explains the Dicastery.


Travel in any capacity is also not recommended in Iraq. The country is going through a very serious crisis andit cannot be considered a destination for tourism.


Although the political and public order situation has undergone a constant improvement compared to the years of the civil war, a "fragility of the security environment, the state of the infrastructure and the general health situation". Therefore, all unnecessary travel is not recommended.

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With regard to Libya, the Farnesina specifies that "starting from 11 January 2017, the Italian Embassy in Tripoli has resumed its activities". Despite this, “we reiterate the invitation to compatriots todo not travel to Libyaand, to those present, to temporarily leave the country due to the very precarious security situation".

Most dangerous countries in the world


We advise against travel, for any reason, to Mali. “In light of the high terrorist risk and ahighly critical overall security framework and in continuous evolution - it is the official note - all of Mali, including the capital Bamako, is to be considered at risk, which becomes extremely high in the northern regions of the country (regions of Timbuktu, Gao and Mopti), while the instability extends also to the central regions of Segou and around the capital".


In the light of the general picture of insecurity in the entire Sahelian area, also affected by phenomena of a terrorist nature, travel to the country for any reason is not recommended. Therisk of kidnapping and crimeagainst Western citizens it is very high and is widespread in Niamey and in all areas of the country.


For Nigeria it is recommended to “limit travel to the country to what is strictly necessaryand travel to the north-east (States of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa) where the terrorist group Boko Haram operates and to the State of Zamfara, affected by widespread banditry, is absolutely not recommended".

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Papua New Guinea

Unnecessary travel to the country is not recommended. The security conditions are precarious due to thevery high crime rateand the inefficiency of the local security forces. The country is dangerous everywhere.

Central African Republic

Travel to the Central African Republic for any reason is not recommended. The security situation in the Central African Republic remains precarious and highly volatile. The country continues to betheater of violence and clashes between armed groupswho control much of the territory outside the capital.

Democratic Republic of Congo

In light of the general security context, unnecessary travel to the country is not recommended. The economic and social crisis and decades of war have made frequent extortion, aggression andflash kidnappings for the purpose of robbery, also in the capital and in the main cities of the country.

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

The general security situation on the Korean peninsula, crystallized since 1953 in an armistice truce between North Korea and South Korea, is characterized by a periodic alternation of phases of tension and détente. Anyway,travel to the country is currently not recommended.

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In consideration of the current situation of high risk and serious danger, it is strongly advised not to travel to Syria and the invitation to compatriots still on site to leave the country is reiterated. The country is particularly exposed to actions related to the phenomenon ofinternational terrorism. The risk of kidnappings, attacks and violence throughout the country, including the capital, is very high.


In the light ofpersistent threattowards Western citizens and objectives, both travel and permanence in the country, in any capacity, are not recommended.

South Sudan

It is highly inadvisable to travel to South Sudan. For compatriots who still intend to travel to South Sudan, under their own responsibility, it is recommended to limit the trip to the capital Juba. The security situation is precarious. The clashes could probably resume both in the capital and in the rest of the country. It registers everywhere astrong presence of armed forces.

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In light of the continuing tensions and the deterioration of the already critical security conditions, it is recommended topostpone unnecessary travel to the country. Protests have increased in frequency and intensity in recent months, sometimes degenerating into clashes and serious riots, with many casualties.


Starting from 13 February 2015, following the worsening of the security conditions, theThe Italian Embassy in Sana'a has suspended its activities fino a nuovo avviso. Non è più possibile pertanto assicurare assistenza consolare a coloro che, nonostante il chiaro avviso delle Autorità italiane, sconsiglia fermamente la presenza – anche temporanea – nel Paese, si trovino ancora  in territorio yemenita. E’ assolutamente sconsigliato, nell’attuale situazione, recarsi in Yemen ed effettuare viaggi in tutto il Paese, inclusa l’isola di Socotra.

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