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From Ibla to Scicli, passing through Modica and Pozzallo: itinerary among the best things to do and see in Ragusa with advice on where to sleep.

If you are looking for a taste of traditional Sicilian culture, there is no better place thanRagusato begin your exploration. This charming city, located in the southern part of the island ofSicily, BetweenSyracuse and Agrigento, is full of historic buildings, naturalistic parks and extremely fascinating cultural sites.

I had the opportunity to wander through the beauties of Ragusa during the project "Ragusa Delight: itinerary of pleasure among Sicilian flavours” and in this article I want to leave you all the advice on what to see and do in Ragusa, which experiences are absolutely not to be missed, how to get there, how to move from one location to another and which are the best places to stay.

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What to see and do in Ragusa: one week itinerary

If you are visiting Ragusa for the first time, know that this city has a lot to offer. From baroque churches to rustic mountain villages, from white beaches to houses carved into the rocks, the one-week itinerary that you will find below will allow you to discover Ragusa in every corner.

Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa Ibla, the historic center of Ragusa as well as the oldest district, is certainly the main attraction of the city. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ibla features winding streets, picturesque churches and fascinating Baroque architecture. A must visitCathedral of San Giorgio, the noble Palazzo Arezzi, the facade of Palazzo Zacco, the balconies ofCosentini Palace, the San Paolo district and theIblean Gardens.

What to do and see in Ragusa, itineraryWhat to do and see in Ragusa, itinerary

Advise! To taste the typical products of Ragusa and try to take a "tour of Sicily in 50 cheeses", I suggest you add a stop at the Barocco Salumeria to your itinerary. Among cured meats, cutting boards, oils and wines, all strictly local and slow food, you can really take a gustatory journey among the food and wine excellences of the area.

Ragusa Marina and the beaches

After dedicating a day to exploring Ragusa Ibla, the itinerary among the best things to see can continue south, to the sea.Ragusa Marinait is about half an hour's drive from the historic center of the city and is an area characterized by a very active port, sandy beaches and crystalline seas. One of the experiences to try is certainly that of a boat adventure to discover the entire southern coast of Sicily, from the towns of Agrigento such as Sciacca or theScale of the Turks, up to the extreme tip of Capo Passero, in the Syracuse area. For the rental of sailboats or luxury yachts (with all the comforts including dishwashers, suites and small refrigerated cellars) in Marina di Ragusa I recommendInvictus Sicily, a company that is based right at the Tourist Port, an ideal starting point for marine exploration not only of the island but also of more distant locations such asMalta, Lampedusaand even the little oneFlax

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What to do and see in Ragusa, itineraryWhat to do and see in Ragusa, itinerary


The third day of your itinerary among the most beautiful things to see in Ragusa can be dedicated toScicliwhose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for being one of the locations of the successful Inspector Montalbano series, Scicli "rises at the meeting point of three valleys, with houses on all sides up the cliffs", to recall the words of Elio Vittorini.

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What to do and see in Ragusa, itineraryWhat to do and see in Ragusa, itinerary

Among the things not to be missed in Scicli, the town hall stands out (the Mayor's room was the location of the room of Camilleri's questore), the streetFrancesco Mormino Penna, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, Piazza Busacca with thechurch of the Madonna del Carminein rococo style, Palazzo Beneventano and the San Matteo hill with the ancient oneSiklah Rock, Chiafura district with the “black mouths” (rock settlement).


The itinerary among the beauties of Ragusa and its province could only have as a stopModica, city of baroque and chocolate. Walking through the maze of narrow streets that characterize the center of Modica, one almost gets the impression that time has completely stopped. Between majestic palaces and picturesque churches, Modica is one of those places capable of bewitching.

What to do and see in Ragusa, itineraryWhat to do and see in Ragusa, itineraryWhat to do and see in Ragusa, itinerary

Absolutely do not miss the twoMother Churches of San Giorgio and San Pietro, the Castle of the Counts with the clock placed on the turret, thebirthplace of Salvatore Quasimodo, Sicilian writer who was born in Modica and lived his childhood, theBelvedere called “seeing marvels” and… chocolate, the true and very tasty excellence of the city.

Ispica quarry

Among the most particular things to see in the province of Ragusa, theIspica quarrydeserves a place of honour. It is a river valley of about 13 km that divides the territory of Modica and Ispica and is configured as a real open-air archaeological park. Inside, following various trekking routes, it is possible to discover prehistoric necropolises, Christian catacombs, rock oratories, monastic hermitages and ancient residential areas dug into the rock that are very reminiscent of the Cappadocian landscapes of theTurkey

What to do and see in Ragusa, itineraryWhat to do and see in Ragusa, itinerary

The archaeological park of Cava d'Ispica is located about 20 minutes by car from the historic center of Ispica and is one of the stops that cannot be missed on an itinerary through the beauties of Ragusa.


Thanks to the marvelous beaches such as that of Santa Maria del Focallo,Pozzallois one of the most famous seaside resorts of Ragusa, at the top of the things to see. Among the things not to be missed are theCabrera Tower, the piazza delle Rimembranze, the beaches of Raganzino and Pietrenere, as well as the port from which boats leave and arrive daily for other pearls of the Mediterranean such asMalta.

What to do and see in Ragusa, itineraryWhat to do and see in Ragusa, itinerary

The beautiful island of Malta is in fact located less than two hours from Pozzallo and can be easily reached by catamaran. Thanks to the service ofParkingMyCaryou can easily find the cheapest parking near the port, leave your car and set off on a new adventure!


Donnafugata, with its castle and labyrinth, is one of the unmissable stops on an itinerary between Ragusa and its province. Located about twenty minutes by car from the center of Ragusa, the Donnafugata castle is a majestic residence dating back to the late 1800s. Extending over 7500 square meters, it has a Gothic style and two side towers. Surrounding the structure there are 8 hectares of park in which there is also a labyrinth with dry stone walls built in white Ragusan stone that the old baron used as a "joke" to make fun of his guests.

Places of Inspector MontalbanoPlaces of Inspector Montalbano

Where to stay in Ragusa

Where to stay in Ragusa is a frequently asked question for those visiting the city for the first time. Although the places to sleep in the city and its surroundings are really numerous and for all tastes, in this article I want to recommend those that I believe are the best as well as the most characteristic.

Relais Antica Badia (Ragusa center)

Located in the center of Ragusa, with rooms overlooking the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, theRelais Antica Badiaof the San Maurizio 1619 Group is a five-star hotel that offers every type of comfort. The location is that of an eighteenth-century building in which the luxurious rooms have been created and restored, characterized by Baroque magnificence, an atmosphere of serenity and a style from other times. The internal SPA makes this place absolutely unique. Also not to be missed is the sensory and gustatory experience ofCiano restaurantwhere chef Luca Gulino offers creative and imaginative dishes that embrace the Langhe, where San Maurizio 1619 originates, and Sicily.

What to see and where to sleep in RagusaWhat to see and where to sleep in RagusaWhat to see and where to sleep in Ragusa

A Timpa Ro Nannu (Ragusa Ibla)

If you are looking for a place to immerse yourself in the purest Hyblean atmosphere, theTimpa Ro Nannuexactly for you. Located in the Ragusa Ibla district, a stone's throw from the Cathedral of San Giorgio, it offers fully equipped apartments ... within a spectacular location which is that of a rock! The caverooms of the Timpa Ro Nannu are equipped with a private hydromassage tub, a kitchenette and a dreamlike atmosphere.

Resort Artemisia (Ragusa)

L 'Artemisia Green Resortit is located about 8 km from the center of Ragusa and is a splendid farmhouse surrounded by greenery. It is the perfect location for those who want to make an itinerary between Ragusa and the province, stopping to sleep in one place. The "green" rooms (made only with natural materials) are furnished with fine furniture and equipped with every comfort. Among the things you will appreciate most about the Artemisia Resort there will be the Km0 breakfast, the outdoor swimming pool, the barbecue and massage areas, as well as the tea time.

What to see and where to sleep in RagusaWhat to see and where to sleep in RagusaWhat to see and where to sleep in Ragusa

Masseria Ciancio (Modica)

Located between Pozzallo, Modica and Ispica, theMasseria Cianciit is immersed in the purest Mediterranean scrub, among carob trees, olive trees and prickly pears. It is a place that seems to come straight from the past, with dry stone walls and the typical furnishings of old peasant houses (including wrought iron beds). The rooms have been created from what were the "components" of a typical Sicilian farmhouse: the farmer's house, the stables, the warehouses... a location simply to love.

What to see and where to sleep in RagusaWhat to see and where to sleep in RagusaWhat to see and where to sleep in Ragusa

Grafts B&B (Ragusa Ibla)

The double bedroom with the Hyblaean garden of theB&B graftsit is a real gem that rises in the heart of the Ragusa Ibla district, right next to the Iblei Gardens. This nest of peace and tranquility is characterized by a breathtaking view of the greenery that surrounds Ragusa, the swimming pool set in a white limestone wall, the solarium, the huge garden full of medlars, olive trees, prickly pears and citrus fruits … as well as sweet cats! Absolutely recommended.

How to get to Ragusa

Ragusa is a small city located in the southern part of Sicily and can be easily reached by car, bus or train. If you are driving, take the A18 motorway fromCataniaand exit at Ragusa. The city is also well connected by bus: there are several a day both from Catania and fromPalermo. If you come from outsideItaly, the closest railway stations are in Modica (15 minutes away) and Syracuse (1 hour away), while the reference airports are Comiso and Catania Fontanarossa.

What to buy in Ragusa

Ragusa is an ideal place to shop for traditional Sicilian handicrafts as well as excellent food and wine. Scattered among the historic centers and narrow streets are plenty of stalls and shops where you can find everything from pottery to woven baskets, olive oil to honey, wine to cheese.

What to do and see in Ragusa, itinerary

Tra le cose che vi consiglio di acquistare a Ragusa vi sono senza dubbio le ceramiche dipinte a mano, i colorati cesti intrecciati artigianalmente, prodotti come olio d’oliva, Cerasuolo di Vittoria (DOCG), salumi, formaggi come il Ragusano DOP o la Provola prodotta col latte di vacca di razza modicana, il cioccolato di Modica e il miele… uno dei migliori al mondo! 

Verónica Crocitti

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