11 types of travelers you should (re)know

byVerónica Crocitti

The 11 types of travelers you should (re)know when you travel. From the trendy to the phobic, from the gourmet to the virtual: which one are you?


“The world (of the traveller) is beautiful because it is varied” recalls a famous saying, and there are also various adventurers who explore this world day after day. Not all travelers are the same. There are those who love to be alone, those in company, those who don't give up on the best restaurant in the area, those who fill their suitcases with medicines, those with heels... and you, among these types of travellers, which are you?

“Always Departing” Traveler

His suitcase lives next to the bed, that "you never know" we miss two days off work, a sudden long weekend or a last-minute weekend in a European capital. He is the traveler who loves to travel for the sheer pleasure of doing it. He doesn't need long times for organization: two things in a suitcase, plane booked online, well-reviewed B & B and off we go. For him "every break is lost", opportunities must be taken "on the fly", literally. It is to him that Baudelaire was inspired when he wrote: “But true travelers leave to leave. With light hearts they go away like balloons, they never try to escape their destiny and without knowing why they always say: Let's go! Their desires have the shape of clouds…”

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Accolative traveller

It is the easiest of all types of travellers. Of his own accord, he would do nothing but if someone asks him "let's go?", he replies "okay". So, without thinking twice, because "being accolative" is his lifestyle. He's the traveler adaptable to everything, where you put him he stays. Probably the best companion you could ask for.

Lonely traveller

When friends tell him "let me know next time you leave that we'll come too", he always replies "okay", with kindness. But in his heart he knows that he will never say anything, because he LOVEStravel alone. It's not a matter of "asociality", absolutely. It is more a question of independence, of adventure, of continuous challenge of one's limits. The "lone traveler" likes to have his own schedule, not depending on anyone's needs, not finding himself in difficulty in wanting to stop for hours inside a museum, or wanting to photograph a corner of the city for more than 20 minutes that might seem insignificant to most.

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Types and types of travellers

Group traveller

If there aren't at least 20 people, he doesn't move from home. He usually moves in packs, the pack of a lifetime. He loves static trips, without too many organizational problems. In fact, he doesn't care where you go, he cares "with whom". Sea, mountains, beach behind the house, for the "group traveller" the essential thing is to share the journey with many friends, who are always the old ones.

Foodie traveller

Before leaving, he makes a detailed review of all the typical dishes and best restaurants in the area. The "gourmet traveler" CANNOT leave the house unprepared. There is no "prawn in batter", "pesto alla genovese" or DOC wine that he does not know and recommend to all other types of travellers. He's a reveler at heart. Of the cities he recognizes smells and tastes, it is the "taste" that directs his life of him.

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Organized traveller

Nothing can be left to chance or to adventure. Terrible things happen to those who don't even plan toilet trips. His mania for planning every moment sometimes turns into obsession. For him, missing a train connection would mean going home and never going out again. The "organized traveler" is meticulous in choosing hotels, restaurants, taxis, places to visit, roads to carefully avoid. He never really manages to let go, to relax without thinking about anything, to enjoy those moments of life that (alas) never come back.

Types and types of travellers

Fashionable traveller

In his suitcase there is only space for heels, trendy clothes and sparkling costumes to show off in pools with spectacular views. The "fashion traveler" goes on vacation where fashion says to go on vacation. Are all the VIPs in the Aeolian Islands? And then he too will go to the Aeolian Islands. Are Sorrento and Positano going big this year? So off to the agency to book the best hotel on the Amalfi coast. #ontheroad trips aren't really his style, also because with 20cm heels and thousand-euro T-shirts he couldn't go that far. The trendy lives between cocktail bars and rooftop pools. "Bella vita" is his motto.

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Routine traveller

The traveler of habit, of all types of travellers, is the most relaxed. He doesn't need to organize or plan anything, because he ALWAYS takes his holidays in the same place. Whether it's a hotel, a summer house, a residence or a tourist village. The "routine traveller" does not take one step more than necessary, nor does he intend to do so. He's fine with that. For him, holidays are the transition from one everyday life to another, just thinking about changing could destabilize him too much. It is incompatible with almost all other types of travellers.

"On the road" traveler

In the footsteps of Jack Kerouac, the #ontheroad traveler knows no organization, planning or programming. He travels, and everything else doesn't matter. If they ask him "where are you going?", he replies "I don't know, but I have to go". He loves traveling by train, bus, stolen lifts from makeshift vehicles. If he has to stay overnight in some city, he prefers hostels. If there are tents and sleeping bags, even better. The journey, for him, is the adventure par excellence. He always has a backpack on his shoulder, a camera around his neck and an enigmatic smile on his face. It's the smile of someone who understands what life is and what the trick is to survive it.

Virtual traveller

In the list of the most famous types of travelers, he deserves a place of honor. The "virtual" is the one who always starts, but only on social networks. He knows all the places in the world thanks to Google Maps, Street View and his friends' posts onFacebook. Sometimes, to satisfy his curiosity, he doesn't disdain some television programs, such as Quark or Orient Express. The "virtual traveler", after all, is a lazy inside. Every now and then he lets himself be carried away by an impulse of "the desire to get up from his chair and go", but it doesn't last long.

Phobic traveller

He loves to travel, but is afraid of EVERYTHING. From the plane that collapses to the attack that is hidden around the corner, from the water that is not drinkable in that country to the very rare disease that could catch him as soon as he gets distracted for a moment. You recognize the "phobic traveler" immediately, he is the one who fills half a suitcase with medicines, drugs, gastroprotectors, lactic ferments, plasters, bentlans…. And he always says that they are not enough.

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