Turin: the 5 most mysterious places, between ancient legends and ghosts

byVerónica Crocitti

From Palazzo Barolo to Piazza Statuto, passing through the magical Gran Madre: here are the 5 most magical and mysterious places in Turin, the City of the Mole Antonelliana.

Turin, the beautiful metropolis ofPiedmonthas always been a place full of mystery and charm. There are many stories and legends that revolve around the city and tell of spirits, ghosts and magic. EvenExpedia, in a dedicated article, suggested an interesting itinerary among the most mysterious and secret places in Turin.

Wrapped as it is by unsolved puzzles such as that of theHoly Shroud, Turinit is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious places in Italy. The city partly owes this fame to the attitude that the Savoy monarchy had towards every sect and every religion in the 19th century. It was precisely that royal tolerance, in fact, that favored the development of esoteric cults.

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But what are themost mysterious places in Turin? And what are the buildings where, it is said, ghosts and supernatural beings live? This unique and picturesque itinerary will lead you to discover the most secret and hidden part of the city of the Mole.

Turin among palaces, ghosts and mysteries

In Turin, every building has something of itundergroundin the truest sense of the term. Parallel to the city center there are in fact tunnels, underground passages and ancient shelters which are now a favorite destination for tourists and visitors. But it's not just what lies beneath the earth's surface that deserves a visit. Even the palaces, majestic and imposing, have so much mystery to tell…

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Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana

Noble residence from the late 18th century, Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana occupies an entire block between via Garibaldi, via della Consolata and via del Carmine. Here, it is said,the spirit of a child hovers… The story dates back to 1902 when, inside the cellars of the Palazzo, the body of a little girl who had been missing for months was found. Ghost or not, the Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana is still an obligatory stop for the beautiful exhibitions and interesting conferences often organised. 

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Palazzo Barolo

Located in via delle Orfane, Palazzo Barolo is an ancient house renovated by Gian Francesco Baroncelli at the end of the 1600s. It is said that, within the old walls, it is still possible to hear women's voices and lamentations.

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The story dates back to 1695 whenElena Matilde Provana of Druent, daughter of the owner of the building, marriedGerolamo Gabriele Faletti of Barolo. It is said that, shortly before the celebrations, some seismic shocks caused the walls of the main hall to collapse. It was a bad omen. Shortly after her, abandoned by her husband, the young bride committed suicide. Someone says that her heartfelt lament is precisely that of her sad lover.

Magical squares and churches not to be missed

The air of magic and ghosts is not only breathed in the buildings in the centre. Even among the squares of Turin, in fact, stories and ancient legends wind their way to make even the most daring travelers shiver.

Statute Square

Located in the heart of Turin, Piazza Statuto is one of the most famous squares in the world for its charge of negativity. The origins of this particular atmosphere seem to date back toRoman times. It is said, in fact, that the army ofRomehad raised a camp in this place with a gallows in the center for the executions of traitors and enemies.

In the center of the square stands theFrejus fountain, a small obelisk indicated by many as one of the most negative places in Italy. An ancient tradition has it that a black angel watches over the fountain.

5 mysterious places turin

Piazza Castello

If Piazza Statuto is famous for its charge of negativity, Piazza Castello is famous for its wealth ofpositive energy. This is the largest square in Turin, a large space overlooked by both thePalazzo Madame that the Royal Palace, the ancient palace of the Savoys. Legend has it that, in its basement, the possibility of generating thephilosopher's Stone. And according to someone it could be hidden right among those meanders…

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The Great Mother

Beautiful and majestic, the Gran Madre is a church with an unusual dome and an ancient reference to paganism. Born in 1814 by the will of the Decurions who wanted to celebrate the returnVittorio Emanuele I of Savoyafter the defeat of Napoleon, the Church was inaugurated 15 years later. Situated on the right bank of the Po' it is easily reachable both on foot and by public transport. Its particular architecture makes it different from the many religious structures present in the city and many are those who go to the Gran Madre for theaura of positivitythat it releases.

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