Information, itineraries, advice and ideas for trips to America: the best attractions and most beautiful destinations in all the countries of the American continent.

America offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for travelers of all types: family travel, couple travel, travel with children, single travel or luxury travel. From North America to Latin America, passing through the picturesque colors of Central America, in this category you will find all the countries that are part of the American continent and their related information.

The travel section in Peru appears particularly rich in ideas for organizing road itineraries between the towns and cities of the country.

Browsing through the various sections you will find advice on what to see, where to go and what are the typical dishes of America's summer and winter locations.

Traveling to America means exploring a part of the world full of picturesque and surreal sceneries: from the grandeur of the skyscrapers of New York City to the most beautiful beaches of Los Angeles, from the intense green of Mexico to the bright colors of Peru: let yourself be carried away by the magic of a American trip like no other.

Among the best travel destinations in America recommended by "Scorci di Mondo - Veronica Crocitti's Travel Blog" are: Peru with Cusco and the Rainbow Mountain, United States with New York and Philadelphia, Mexico with Chichén-Itza and the Riviera Maya, the Amazon with the forest.

If you are instead looking for places that are not very touristy and little known, but still very attractive, Scorci di Mondo recommends: Iquitos, in the northern area of ​​Peru, Rapa Nui and the spectacular Easter Island, Argentina and Chilean Patagonia.