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From visiting the villages of the Masai people to balloon safaris in the Amboseli Park: the best excursions to do on a trip to Kenya.

that theAfricais an extremely fascinating land it is clear to everyone and yet not everyone knows that, among the most loved and visited states of the black continent, theKenyawith its landscapes of savannah, beaches and sea.

Itinerary 10 days Kenya Africa

Kenya is an extremely wild country that offers the opportunity to experience a multitude of naturalistic experiences and which allows you to come into close contact with exotic animals and very distant populations from which you can learn a lot.

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If you are thinking of organizing aItinerary in Kenya, know that the best way to live the experience in peace and safety is to rely on specialized tour operators such asKenya Safaris 360by Epson Ziro ( – mobile and whatsapp: +393245841708). Thanks to the professionalism of the guides and the widespread knowledge of the area, it is in fact possible to immerse yourself - without dangers - in the most beautiful and exciting excursions to do in Kenya ... which we are now going to see in detail.

Best excursions to do in Kenya

When planning a trip to a country like Kenya, knowing in detail the range of opportunities in terms of fun, exploration, safaris, nature and relaxation is essential. Based on the number of days you have available, you can choose the activities by selecting those closest to your way of understanding the trip. Below I leave you a list of the best excursions you can do in Kenya by relying on the decennial experience of the guidesKenya Safaris 360.

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Safari at Tsavo Park

The safariit is a mandatory activity if you go to Kenya as it is not so easy, in the rest of the world, to be able to spot all the Big Five, or the most impressive animals in the world, in the same place! Among the most famous areas for this experience stands out theTsavo Park, a huge nature reservelocated near the coast and populated by numerous animal species including the rare red elephants.

Best Kenya Africa travel excursions

For an even more immersive experience, I recommend spending a night thereindoors, in tents orlodgeequipped. Only in this way will you be able to admire the animals at night and sleep under a starry blanket.

Visit the Amboseli park

The Amboseli Parkit is another of those places that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Here you can meet different natural ecosystems which, merging, give life to breathtaking views. We go from the savannah, with your dry and arid soil, to the most luxuriant areas of theAmboseli lake, where it is possible to spot a multitude of birds.

Best Kenya Africa travel excursions

Amboseli Park also offers the best location to see the Mount Kilimanjaroand gives visitors the opportunity to make aunusual balloon safarigiving a 360° view from above.

Kenya's longest river, theGalana, which allows you to explore an even different panorama, rich in plant species, birds and native African fish.

Exploration of Masai Mara and visit to Masai villages

The Maasai marait is one of the main national parks of Kenya and its exploration undoubtedly falls on the list of the best experiences to do in Kenya. As in Tsavo Park, here too it is possible to spot the Big 5 and watch their migration.

If you want to experience the real Kenya and capture all its essence, another experience not to be missed is that ofvisit to a Masai village.Knowing the native populations of these territories gives a particular look at cultures far from us.

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But who are the Masai? TheMasai people, proud and courageous, lives in close contact with the earth and has learned how to survive and how to defend themselves in a hostile environment such as that of the savannah. The Masai usually live in villages, inside houses made of earth and straw, in very isolated territories.

During visits to the Masai villages you have the opportunity to find out how they dress, admire their traditional clothes up close, understand what they eat, learn about customs and traditions and, why not, dance with them and their clothes which they usually favor the Red.

Excursion to Lake Nakuru

In the perfect Kenya exploration itinerary, one cannot be missingvisit Lake Nakuru, the best place to admire the pink flamingos. Here you can discover the largest variety of birds in the world including herons, eagles and cormorants.

Best Kenya Africa travel excursions

In fact, the lake, compared to the other parks in Kenya, creates a separate ecosystem where it is possible to find more than 400 different species of animals.

Relax on the Island of Love

L'Island of Loveit is a very popular destination and is fully included in the list of the best excursions to do in Kenya. Located in the locality of Watamu, it has this name because, when low tide arrives, it takes the shape of a heart. At high tide, however, this piece of land disappears, making everything even more impressive.

Itinerary 10 days Kenya, Africa

The excursion to the island of love is romantic and loved by couples. It can be reached and explored on foot or circumnavigated by boat.

Visit Malindi

Malindiit is a Kenyan city that requires half a day to visit, it is located near Watamu and is a very characteristic place. Inside it is possiblevisit the wood factory, a true local peculiarity, or take a tour of the flavors and scents ofMalindi marketwhere you can find typical products and buy some handcrafted souvenirs. Finally, if there is some time left, the advice is to enjoy a swim on the beautiful beach.

Discovering Gede's Ruins

TheGede Ruinsthey are one of the few historical sites in Kenya. Located in the locality of Gede, not far from Watamu, they represent the remainsof an ancient Swahili cityand are now surrounded by lush vegetation. Mind you bee because today this place is guarded by one huge community of monkeyswho is not afraid to approach a man and is sometimes even a little mischievous.

Best Kenya Africa travel excursions

Take a dip at the Golden Beach

There is a very special beach located north of Malindi that is absolutely worth a visit. It's about thegolden beach, raggiungibile dal ponte sul fiume Sabaki, la cui caratteristica è data dal colore oro dei granelli.

Curiosity! Not far from the Golden Beach is theMarafa Canyon, un luogo modellato dal vento e dal sole che ogni ora assume una diversa sfumatura di colore.

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