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byVerónica Crocitti

From the promontory of Capo Rama to the Duomo, passing through the picturesque seafront: what to do and see in and around Terrasini, between Palermo and Trapani.

Lying on the Gulf of Castellamare, about 30 kilometers away fromPalermo, Terrasiniis a renowned seaside village in theSicilyas well as a favorite destination for those looking for a relaxing holiday and natural beauty.

What to do see Terrasini, Palermo

The history of Terrasini has its roots in 1200 AD when King Roger arrived in that then uninhabited feud and appointed Rodolfo Bonello as master. However, it was with the arrival of the noble familyThe Crane Talamanca, the Principi di Carini, who created the foundations for a real urban settlement in Terrasini. In 1836, with the unification of Terrasini and Favarotta (fraction of Cinisi), the Bourbon King Ferdinand II issued a decree officially giving life to the municipal history of the village.

What to do and see in Terrasini

The name of Terrasini derives from “Chief Rama”, the promontory which, together with that of Capo San Vito (next to the renowned seaside resort ofSan Vito Lo Capo), forms the gulf of Castellammare. The area, rich in natural beauty and evocative panoramas, is suitable for anyone looking for a beach and sea holiday but also excursions, trekking and, of course, good food and good wine.


Here I leave you a list of the best things to do and see in Terrasini and its surroundings.

Historic Center and Cathedral of Terrasini

The Cathedral of Terrasini is the most important monument of the city and rises in the heart of the historical centre, in the homonymous square. The Mother Church is dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie and has a beautiful Baroque facade with eight columns (four Doric and four Corinthian), two bell towers of about 30 meters and an interior with three naves.

What to do see Terrasini, Palermo

Seafront of Terrasini and Faraglioni

The Lungomare di Terrasini is dedicated toPeppino Impastato, journalist from Cinisi assassinated on May 9, 1987 for his denunciations against the mafia and the activities of Cosa Nostra.


The paved road that runs along the coast begins atCala Rossaand end at the suggestive lava stone beachLa Praiola.

What to do see Terrasini, Palermo

Along the Lungomare it is possible to come across some of the most beautiful natural attractions of Terrasini including theislet of Cala Rossa, Cala Maidduzza, Perciata cave and two stacks (symbol of the village).

Palazzo d'Aumale: Regional Museum of Terrasini

Among the things to see in Terrasini, the Regional Museum stands out, located inside Palazzo d'Aumale which, at the time of Duke d'Aumale Enrico d'Orléans, was used to store the wines produced on the Zucco estate.


The Museum is divided into three sections:naturalistic(with over 500 objects of various kinds),ethnoanthropological(with Sicilian carts, elements of peasant culture and model boats),archaeological(with marine and land finds).

The entrance times to the Terrasini Museum are:

  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 9.00am / 7.00pm
  • On holidays: 9:00 /13:00
  • Closed on Mondays.

The standard cost of the ticket is 6 euros.

Curiosity!Next to the Terrasini Regional Museum are the Love monument (instagrammable) and the Rose Garden, a small green space intended for children and families.

Chief Rama

The Capo Rama Oriented Nature Reserve falls within the Gulf of Castellammare, has an extension of about 57 hectares and is a protected natural area. Inside is theCape Rama promontoryon whose tip stands theCape Rama Tower, one of the coastal towers of Sicily, built in 400 during the reign of the Aragonese Martino il Giovane.


Inside the Capo Rama Reserve it is possible to see rocks dating back to the Mesozoic period which still preserve numerous fossils. Among the endemic flora, Boccone limonium, sea fennel and yellow poppy stand out. If lucky, it is possible to spot foxes, wild rabbits, hedgehogs and bats.

What to see around Terrasini

The area that extends betweenPalermo and Trapaniis among the most loved of theSicily. In the surroundings of Terrasini there are numerous attractions that deserve a stop if you are organizing an itinerary along the northern coast of the island. Absolutely not to be missed:

  • Partinico with its small and picturesque Borgo Parriniinspired by the style of Gaudì's Barcelona;
  • ThereZingaro Reserve, a protected natural area that can be covered on foot along a suggestive path that winds between coves and cliffs;
  • San Vito Lo Capoand its white beach that has nothing to envy to that of the Caribbean (it is no coincidence that San Vito Lo Capo is called "the Caribbean of Sicily");
  • Ericeand the castle, among the most beautiful villages in Italy;
  • Monreale with the cathedral;
  • Palermo with its main attractions;
  • The Temple of Segesta and the archaeological area of ​​Calatafimi and Segesta.

How to get there and where to sleep in Terrasini

Terrasini is located in a strategic position as the international airport of Palermo "Falcone e Borsellino" is only 10 km away. If you are planning a trip to these areas of theSicily, the best way to get around – and to reach Terrasini and the other towns – is by car:

  • From Palermo airport: 10km;
  • From Palermo: 40 km via E90;
  • From Trapani: 72km via A29 and E90;
  • From Messina: 260km via A20 and E90;
  • From Catania: 264 km via A19 and E90.

During my visit to Terrasini I got to stay atCDS Hotels Terrasini – City of the Sea, a wonderful resort immersed in a 27-hectare park directly overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare.

Inside there are three swimming pools, four restaurants, large rooms with private terraces overlooking the sea or the park, playgrounds, a theater and an open-air pizzeria and even a minigolf…. in addition to theToboggan, one of the ten most famous water slides in the world and the tallest in allEurope.

Verónica Crocitti

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