Tate Modern Museum in London: works and information

byVerónica Crocitti

All you need to know about the Tate Modern Museum in London: main works, information on prices and timetables, means of getting there.

Seen from the outside, theTate Modern Museum of Londonhe could almost seem "dull" in his capacity asformer thermoelectric power plantbrick-red in color, with that 99-metre-high chimney that seems to sternly observe all the onlookers who approach. Yet it is enough to cross the main entrance to realize, at a glance, what wonderful art is enclosed inside. Already alone thereTurbine Hallthat welcomes you at the entrance is enough to take your breath away: immense, active, architecturally perfect, full of music and ever-changing exhibitions.

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The Tate Modern of London is one of the most fascinating and well-known modern and contemporary art galleries in the world. Inaugurated in 2000, it stands on the bank of the Thames, a stone's throw from theMillennium Bridge. This colossal museum contains the most famous contemporary works, from Surrealism to Pop Art, from Pollock toWarhol, passing through minimalism and expressionism, touchingFrom there, Monet and Degas. On the ten floors of the Tate Modern, the greatest artists and greatest movements of the 20th century have found a "home", as well as shops, cafés, reading spaces, auditoriums and restaurants.

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The Tate Modern in London has recently acquired a new look. It extends over 10 levels, each of which consists of a Boiler House and a Switch House where permanent and temporary exhibitions are set up. I advise you to start your art journey on level 2, where the Start Display is located, and then continue floor by floor to discover one of the most beautiful and ever-changing galleries in the world.

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Although the undertaking is difficult, I will try to explain to you what you will find on the various levels of this immense temple which was capable of accommodating as many as 60,000 works:

– Level 0: In this basic level you will find the Turbine Hall, The Tanks, the Ticket Office and theInformation point. It is an immense hall in which there are spaces for live art, films, videos and exhibitions in continuous evolution.

– Level 1: in this level you will find itStarr Cinema, some shops, including the Chocolate Shop, a bar and the Terrace Shop with a beautiful view of the Thames. It is also here that the River Entrance and Switch House Entrance are located.

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– Level 2: in this level the real artistic journey begins. The Boiler House is divided intoStart Display(the point from which I advise you to start your visit), the Artist and Society section (you will find, among others, the works ofSalvador Daliand Lorna Simpson) and the In The Studio section. The latter, among the most fascinating, collects themed worksPoetry and Dream, among which those ofJackson PollockEdgar DegasClaude Monet, Agnes Martin, Bridge Riley eMark Rothko. In the Switch House, on the other hand, there is the wing dedicated toObject and Architecture. Among the artists you will find Carl Andre, Saloua Raouda and Roni Horn.

– Level 3: Temporary exhibitions find space on this level. In the Boiler House, exhibitions of great value are periodically staged, such as those of Wolfgang Tillmans andAlberto Giacometti.In the Switch House, on the other hand, the themed works are collectedMaterial Gestures. The Switch is made up of 9 rooms and one of its main features is the active involvement of the visitor. Among the most famous artists: Helio Oitcica, Marina Abramovic, Meshac Gaba and Rebecca Horn.– Level 4: This level welcomes the works of the entire 900 divided by themeMaterials and Objects and Media Networks. Here Pop Art, Cubism, Post-Impressionist art and Futurism find space. Among the main artists stand out:Andy Warhol, John Heartfield, Gustav Metzger. On this floor there are also the new acquisitions of the Museum.

– Level 5: in this level the so-called was set upTate Exchange, a space where everyone collaborates, tests ideas and discovers new perspectives through art and sharing with others.

- Many of the other levels are dedicated to the Staff and Members of the Tate Modern in London. To thelevel 9you will find a restaurant while at the toplevel, the 10, you will find a magnificent panorama across the Thames waiting for you.


The Tate Modern in London is open every day from 10 to 18 (Friday and Saturday until 22), while it is closed on 24, 25 and 26 December. Admission is free as is the visit to the permanent collection. It stands atBankside, along the Queen's Walk and it is possible to reach it:on the subway (Blackfrias, Mansion House, Southwark and St. Paul's stops are 10 minutes' walk away);by bus (45, 63, 100, 344, 381 and RV1);on the train (stops are London Bridge and London Blackfriars);on the Tate boat. All’interno troverete: una caffetteria (livello 1); un Espresso Bar (livello 3); Negozi delle Mostre (livello 2 e 3). La rete WIFI è libera.

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