Sicily and Sardinia queens of the Mediterranean. Here's how to reach them without stress and the attractions not to be missed

byVerónica Crocitti
Sardinia's most beautiful beaches

All the information on how to get to the splendid islands of Sicily and Sardinia, without stress, and advice on what to see.

The Mediterranean Seait is a concentration of wonders: the best way to celebrate it is to respect it, taking care not to pollute it, and then it is worth remembering its naturalistic beauties and choosing to visit them. The two main islands,Sicily and Sardinia, are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mare Nostrum: both enjoy a sunny and mild climate for most of the year.

If you don't feel like taking a plane to reach these two regions, you can opt for thetravel by sea, aboard one of the comfortable ferries that sail the Mediterranean every day. These are companies specialized in the transport of people from the ports of mainland Italy to the major islands, such asTirrenia. But let's see the advantages of relying on expert on-board crews and how to book their services without difficulty.

Book a ferry online, a quick and easy experience

For a trip to be as pleasant as possible, it must be stimulating and fun, but also stress-free. The best way to ensure a truly rewarding relaxing experience, in view of a trip to the major Italian islands, is to rely on ferries and theironline portals for booking.

These are online sites specialized in the purchase ofsailing tickets, completely simple and free of difficulty. Despite what you might think, online booking is very simple. By entering the departure date, the number of people, any vehicle to board and the type of accommodation, you will get your seat on board aferry to Sicily and Sardinia.

On board the ferries specialized in trips to the Mediterranean, it is possible to distract yourself by frequenting meeting places such as bars and cafes. It is also possible to enjoy excellent meals in an a' la carte restaurant and entrust the children to the mini club staff; not to mention the possibility of appreciating a sea view that will hardly be removed from memories.

Sicily and Sardinia, two treasure chests of beauty compared

The two largest Italian islands offer the best you could wish for for a trip or holiday: history, art, age-old culture, villages set in enchanting landscapes and traditions that confirm a wealth of folklore and magic.

Sicily is a land that contains a multiplicity of attractive resources: beaches among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, monuments of interest such as the evocativetemples of Agrigento, nature reserves such asNebrodi Park, without forgetting the imposing Etna, which the people of Catania call 'the mountain'.

What to see in Agrigento in 2 or 3 days

Sardinia is the land ofemerald sea, authentic villages such as Bosa and Alghero, which preserve Spanish culture and traditions such as the evocative religious rites of Holy Week. It is also possible to visit theNuragic villages, costruzioni megalitiche risalenti a epoche remotissime e che mantengono intatte tutto il loro fascino e mistero.

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