Planning a trip to Jordan: all the information

byVerónica Crocitti
When to go, what documents are needed, what the Jordan Pass is, where to change money: all the information to organize a trip to Jordan.

With a radiant past and very ancient cultural roots, theJordanit is one of the most loved countries by tourists from all over the world. Lying in the area of ​​the Fertile Crescent, in a stretch of land that encompasses valleys, plateaus and deserts, Jordan holds archaeological jewels of inestimable value among which, without a doubt, stands outPetra, the red city elected "one of the seven wonders of the modern world".
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I had the pleasure and honor of visiting Jordan for the project#GlimpsesOfJordanmade in collaboration with the local Tour OperatorRenaissance Travel and with the architect/archaeologistFuad Tawawned, an expert Jordanian guide who speaks Italian. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the places, I was able to fully experience this wonderful and carefree land, investigating the ways of life of a kind, welcoming, traditionalist yet open people.
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If you are planning a trip to Jordan, you've come to the right place. In this article I will leave you all the information you need for your trip.


The best time to visit Jordan is the one that goes frommid-March to the end of May and from mid-September to the end of November. During these seasons, in fact, the climate is mild and the flow of tourists is not excessive. Avoid the summer months when temperatures can even touch 50 degrees as well as the winter months when, especially on the plateau, the climate is really cold.Plan a trip to Jordan Note Well!The temperature range in Jordan is considerable, especially in the desert, and the gusts of wind can be freezing. Always remember to bring warm clothing with you and to prefer the so-called "onion clothing".


Jordan's two international airports are theQueen Alia of Amman(about 25/30 minutes from the city center) and theKing Hussein of Aqaba. There are numerous direct flights from Italy that depart from the main cities in the north (Rome, Bergamo, Bologna,Venice) promoted by low-cost airlines with very advantageous prices if booked in time.
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If instead you leave from the south, like yours truly who lives inMessina (Sicily), the cheapest solution could be to make a stopover atMalta(even sleeping one night). The airfares are really advantageous, some even close to 9.99, and the accommodations in Malta are very cheap (I personally stayed at theSprachcaffe Internationala Hoteland alloNSTS Campus Residence).


For us Italians, to enter Jordan it is necessary to have apassportvalid for at least 6 months and an entry visa. As for theseen, it is possible to do it directly at the airport – Amman or Aqaba – once landed (cost 40 JD – 55 euros approximately) or before leaving by purchasing theJordan Pass. I absolutely recommend this last option if your idea is to also visit the archaeological sites ofPetra, Ammanand Jerash. In fact, with the Jordan Pass, you can amortize the prices by saving even more than 40 euros.
WHERE TO SLEEP IN AMMAN: Find all the offers for accommodations

Plan a trip to Jordan


The very first thing to pack if you are planning a trip to Jordan, or anywhere else in the world, is health insurance.Intermundial, which is the one I chose for this project, offers all types of insurance, including the annual one for those who, like me, travel often and everywhere. On their site you can find all the rates and offers.
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The second thing to pack or backpack (if you are godsbackpackersprofessionals) is thewash bag of The Scrubba. I got to use it right on the occasion of #ScorciDiGiordania and I found it very useful. It is a bag that acts as a portable washing machine. Inside, in fact, it is possible to wash t-shirts, socks and various clothes. In this way you will avoid overfilling your suitcase / backpack and you will be able tosave a lot of space. In Complete kit of The Scrubba, which is about 15 cm in size, you will also find a wire for hanging clothes, two inflatable drying racks and a microfibre towel.
Other things to pack absolutely for a trip to Jordan include:onion clothing(as written in the previous paragraph, the temperature range is truly remarkable), hat for the sun, umbrella for the rain,Type B plug adapters(three outputs: two flat and one round) and an e-reader with itop 10 travel books.


The official currency of Jordan is theJordanian Dinar(JD) which is worth about 1.25 euros. You have the possibility to change your money in the various "exchange" offices located in the main cities (Amman, Petra, Aqaba) and also in the airports of Amman and Aqaba where, however, a commission cost is applied.
WHERE TO SLEEP IN AMMAN: Find all the offers for accommodations


Free Wi-Fi is available only in the airports of Amman and Aqaba, in hotels and in some tourist restaurants. For the rest it is really difficult to hope to find a free connection in the country. If you are thinking of organizing a trip to Jordan and you need to stay online 24 hours a day, the best option is therefore to buy alocal sim card. I personally chose the phone companyBackpack. The card can be purchased in all shops with the blue Samsung sign and the rates vary from 13 to 23 euros (depending on what you need: gigabyte number, calls, messages).
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The language spoken in Jordan isArabicbut not the classic one. There are several varieties of dialect that differ considerably from the Arabic studied in universities (for the Jordanian people, classical Arabic is comparable to our Latin). English is the most widely spoken second language, it is compulsory from childhood and is mainly used in government, cultural and social fields.Plan a trip to JordanJordan's main religion isIslam. 92% of the population is made up of Sunni Muslims, 6% of Christians, which is why you will find many mosques and very few churches. The feast day is Friday, not Sunday (schools are closed on Friday and Saturday) and, as in all Muslim countries, five obligatory prayers (ṣalāt) follow one another throughout the day. Keep this in mind as one of these prayers is nocturnal: if your accommodation is near a mosque, you may be woken up in the middle of the night, every night.
WHERE TO SLEEP IN AMMAN: Find all the offers for accommodations
The dominant culture is thatArab. To the many people who usually ask me whether it is appropriate to wear short skirts/shorts or, in general, with little opaque clothing, I answer that there is no obligation on how to dress, that there is no danger if you wears a skirt but that, in respect of the culture of others, it is always preferable to adapt and integrate. Curiosity!In the areas of the Wadi Rum desert, Arab culture is joined by thatbedouin. The so-called Bedu or inhabitants of the desert are characterized by a nomadic life, nights in tents, sweet spiced teas, genuine cuisine and extraordinary hospitality.Verónica Crocitti In collaboration with Renaissance Viaggi, Intermundial and The Scrubba.

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