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All the information about Petra, the archaeological site of Jordan which is also one of the seven wonders of the modern world: map, costs and advice.

Petra, one of the seven wonders of the modern world, is a place as big as it is surreal. Nestled in the mountains of Shara in the heart ofJordan, the ancient capital of the Nabataeans was built more than two thousand years ago with the name of Reqem, the "colourful".Petra - JordanImportant commercial center of frankincense, myrrh and spices, in the 1st century BCPetrait represented the natural link between the south of the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean. Its decline began in the seventh century when the city was abandoned due to natural disasters and commercial declines, and almost nothing was known about it until 1812. It was in that year, in fact, that the Swiss explorer Johannes Burckhardt entered those places and, pretending to be an Arab, he managed to be accompanied to that marvelous lost city by a local Bedouin guide.
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Today Petra, Jordan's jewel, is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world. The "Pink City", as it is called due to the soft color of its rocks, extends over 8 kilometers in length and contains more than 800 monuments, including almost 500 tombs.It takes at least 5-6 hours to visit the site properly. As you can see by looking at theMap of Petra – Jordan, from the only entrance to Ad-Deir Monastery (furthest point) there are 8 kilometers, 800 steps and almost 2 hours of walking. If you have the opportunity, I recommend organizing the visit over two days so that you can have time to enjoy every single glimpse at your leisure.
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In addition to being the most beautiful facade of the entire archaeological site, the Treasury of Petra is the undisputed symbol of the whole of Jordan. Located at the end of a long and picturesque rocky gorge called the Siq, the Treasury is about 40 meters high and decorated with Corinthian capitals, friezes and various figures.
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According to legend, the treasure of the Pharaoh is kept in the funeral urn placed on top. The ancient function of the monument, however, still remains a mystery.


The Siq is the narrow passage between two rock walls which, from the entrance to the site, leads visitors to the Treasury. The gorge, just over 1 kilometer long, features water channels carved into the rock, terracotta pipes, a paved road, the Sabino Alexandros station, some tombs and the Nabataean sacred stones.


Carved into the rock at the foot of the Hill of Sacrifice, the Petra Theater consists of three different rows of seats and seven stairways leading up to the auditorium. It was once capable of holding up to 4,000 spectators.
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Curiosity! The Petra Theater is the only one in the world carved out of rock.


It is a series of monuments located to the right of the main street of Petra, in the heart of Jordan. There are exactly four Royal Tombs: the Urn Tomb, the Silk Tomb, the Corinthian Tomb and the Palace Monument.Petra - Jordan


The Strada delle Colonne represented the main street of the ancient capital of the Nabataeans. Along it overlook the Nymphaeum, the Great Temple and the Byzantine Church.
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It is one of the most important archaeological and architectural monuments in the center of Petra. Covering nearly 7,000 square meters, the Great Temple features columns, pedestals, and decorations that seem to unite Nabataean artistic traditions with a classical spirit.Petra - Jordan


The Monastery is the furthest monument, reachable after about 8 kilometers of road and, in the final part, almost 800 steps. With a height of 47 meters and a width of 48, the Monastery was used as a Biclinium for religious meetings. According to archaeologists, this monument was built around the 2nd century BC, during the reign of King Rabel II. The main chamber was then used by Christians as a chapel and, on the back wall, some crosses began to appear.
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The standard cost of the entrance ticket to Petra, Jordan (excluding Petra by Night) is:
  • for a single day: 50 JOD;
  • for two days 55 JOD;
  • for three days 60 JOD.
Tickets can be purchased online or directly at the site entrance.
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To access Petra by night (Petra by night) the ticket has a price of 17 JOD, about 21 euros. Most hotels in the area provide free transportation to/from the archaeological site both day and night (always ask at reception). Advise! If Petra is not the only attraction you intend to visit in Jordan, I definitely recommend buying theJordan Pass. The card can be purchased on the official website before your departure and includes the visa, entrances to Petra and entrances to various sites throughout the country. With the Jordan Pass you could save over 40/50 euros.


The opening and closing times for the site in Petra, Jordan are:
  • winter time: 6:00 – 16:00
  • summer time 6:00 – 18:00
  • Petra by night: 8.30pm – 10.00pm


Petra is a very large archaeological site in Jordan and you need to walk a lot to get from one point to another. I advise you to wear comfortable shoes and bring bottles of water with you (although there are refreshment points) and hats. The most challenging part is the one that leads to the Monastery. In the final stretch, in fact, you will have to climb about 800 steps (they are not real stairs but you can still feel the effort) and, especially in the summer season, it is demanding.
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Petra - JordanFor those with walking difficulties, however, bear in mind that there are numerous horse services (from the main entrance to the beginning of the Siq), carriage services (from the main entrance to the Treasury) and camel services (from the Maiden's castle to the Treasury ).Advise! If you want to take great photographs of empty Petra, go at sunrise, when the site opens.Verónica Crocitti

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