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byVerónica Crocitti

In the heart ofTurkey, in one of the most suggestive sceneries in the world, rises the city ofPamukkale. His name means "Cotton Castle”, in honor of those spectacular travertine and calcite stairways which, for centuries, have made travelers from all over the planet dream.

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It all originates from a millennialsource of hot thermal waters, rich in calcium carbonate, which over the centuries (flowing along the slopes of the mountain overlooking the village) has formed these typical snow-colored terraces.The colors of the waterfalls and thermal waters are of such an intense blue that, just by looking at them, you will really feel like you have arrived in paradise. In 1988, the city of Pamukkale was declaredUNESCO heritageand National Park.

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To visit the park it is necessary to have a ticket. There are three entrances: the southern one about 2 kilometers from the village, the northern one near Karahayit, the western one inside the village (from there it is possible to walk up along the pools).I advise you to take thesouth entrance(it is upstream), since from there you will have the opportunity to immediately see theruins of Hierapolisand then descend through the pools to the village.

Once you enter, you will cross the Southern Roman Gate and then, on the right, you will see the majestic open-air theater open up before you. Visitalso theTemple of Apolloand, if you can, take advantage of a swim in theAncient swimming pool.  The city of Hierapolis, founded in 190 BC by the King of Pergamum, was for centuries a very famous thermal center. In fact, there were many sick people who went here to seek treatment in the therapeutic waters.So, once you've arrived in theheart of Türkiye, why not take advantage of it?

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After swimming in the pool you can continue your journey through thesnow terracesand walk down to the village. There are paths where you can dip your feet and outdoor tubs where you can take a bath of health and well-being. Remember, however, that these paths are rigorously traced and cannot be "overstepped" for any reason. The most beautiful moment is that of sunset! The show that will appear before your eyes will leave you breathless…

WHERE TO SLEEP IN PAMUKKALE: find all the offers

Once you have visited Pamukkale, you can continue your itinerary towardsCappadocia, among the Fairy Chimneysor continue for a magical on the road among the wonders of Türkiye. If you are about to organize a trip to these areas, it will be useful for you to consult thisdetailed country guide, con informazioni su spostamenti, lingua e alloggi.

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