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byVerónica Crocitti
Trekking paths information Pale Umbria waterfalls

Pale is a small village located in the heart of Umbria, in Foligno. Among woods, caves and waterfalls, let's discover trekking itineraries and attractions.

Shovelsis a mountain village located a few kilometers from Foligno, in the heart of Umbria. Known to most for its nature trails between enchanted woods and caves, Pale is one of those places loved by trekkers, hikers and adventurers.

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The history of Pale has its roots in Roman times when, in these places, a protohistoric road called "Via Plestina" was traced. The large presence of water due to the flow of various rivers meant that this nascent village became, over time, a point of reference for industrial activities (for example the production of paper), the construction of an aqueduct (there are still remains) and the creation of a fortified village in the center of which a Castle was erected.

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Trekking paths information Pale Umbria waterfalls


Among the main attractions of Pale di Foligno theCastle, the Church of Sant'Andrea (with the terracotta facade), the ancient viaduct, the Villa Elisei and the Hermitage of Santa Maria Giacobbe. Precisely these last two places have become among the most "beaten" among trekkers and hikers who, mainly on weekends, go to these areas to breathe an air of health, well-being and nature.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN FOLIGNO: Find all the offers

From Villa Elisei, by paying a 5 euro ticket, you can access the famous onesAbbess caveswhich, in a surreal scenario, show wayfarers a whirlwind of stalactites, stalagmites and columns carved into the bare rock. The Hermitage ofSt Mary Jacobinstead it can be reached on foot (about 20 minutes) via a path that follows the crest of the mountain. Tradition tells that Maria Giacobbe, one of the pious women, retired here in penance. Inside the hermitage there are frescoes ranging from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, including one depicting a cup of the Holy Grail. Continuing along the nature trail of the Pale di Foligno it is then possible to reach the magical Menotre waterfalls, a surreal place set in the thickest greenery.

NB The routes are easy and suitable for everyone, even if, of course, suitable clothing and comfortable shoes are required.

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