The black beach of Valle Muria, how to get there and what to see | Lipari

byVerónica Crocitti
Black beach of Valle Muria Lipari Aeolian

The beach ofMuria Valleyis among the most coveted and most beautiful ofLipari, in the archipelago ofAeolian. With its black sand and crystal clear water, it is a destination for tourists, adventurers, lovers of hidden and magical places. This enchanted piece of land is located in the southeastern part of the island and can be reached both by sea and by land. If you have come to Lipari with the intention of staying a few days, my advice is to rent a vehicle (car or moped) and discover the island in total freedom.

The island of Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands and yet, to go around it all, you will need a few hours. Beauty, in fact, lies in slowly enjoying every single glimpse.

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Black beach of Valle Muria Lipari Aeolian

To reachMuria Valleyyou will have to take the road that, from the port, leads to Pianoconte. Just before reaching the Belvedere Quattrocchi panoramic point, the best known of the island from which it is possible to see the famous stacks, you will have to turn and take the descent. At the “Valle Muria” sign, you will have to park and continue on foot. From there, a path between stones and sand will lead you directly to the beach. The journey takes about 8 minutes.

If, on the other hand, you are making a "hit and run" on the island and you don't intend to rent a vehicle, you can use the services directly from the portsea ​​taxi. These boats, at low prices, will take you to the less accessible coves of the Aeolian capital, including the "black" Valle Muria.


If your idea is to take an on the road (on the sea) among the splendid Aeolian Islands, I advise you not to miss the inaccessibleStromboli, the "smoky"Volcano, the quiet onePanareaand the extremeAlicudi.

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