How to use Netflix on the go: guide and tips

byIrene Righetto
how to use Netflix while traveling

Find out how to use Netflix on the go: guide and tips to enjoy movies and TV series wherever you go, for a better streaming experience.

When it comes to travel, entertainment is key and Netflix has established itself as one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. But how to use Netflix while traveling to enjoy your favorite shows? In this complete guide we will provide you with practical advice and useful tips. You'll learn how to prepare before you go, choose the right Internet service, optimize your streaming settings and ensure a seamless experience. We'll also give you an overview of security and how to make the most of your Netflix experience during your adventures around the world.

how to use Netflix while traveling

Preparation before the trip

How to use Netflix on the go? Before leaving it is important to be prepared to use the streaming service without problems. So remember to check some things starting from the connectionInternet. First make sure your device is compatible with the Netflix app eto be able to have access to a reliable line during the trip. Before leaving, check whether the accommodation you will be staying in has stable Wi-Fi or whether you will have to rely on public hotspots and download contents offline especially ifyou are traveling with children or you are about to face long journeys by plane or to isolated places.

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How to use Netflix while traveling: choosing your Internet service

When traveling it is essential that you have access to an iinternetreliable to use Netflix without interruptions. Many accommodations include Wi-Fi included in the price, which will be useful for enjoying streaming while you are in the hotel, but always check through online reviews onBookingor contact the accommodation directly for more information. If you don't have Wi-Fi, don't worry though. In many places public hotspots are free and easily accessible although we advise you to be careful to use reliable networks and, possibly, to use a VPN to protect personal data during the connection. If you travel abroad, consider purchasing a local SIM with a data plan that allows you to easily connect tointernetand watch Netflix anywhere. Every Paesehas several companies that provide offers even for short periods (they are usually called "tourist sims"), for anyone who is there on holiday.

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how to use Netflix while traveling

How to use Netflix on the go: settings

To ensure an optimal Netflix streaming experience while traveling, remember to change or check some settings. Adapt the video quality according to the i connectioninternetavailable. If this is slow, reduce the quality to avoid buffering. On the contrary, if the network is fast, you will be able to watch content in high definition. Then pay attention to data consumption during streaming. How to check it? Go to settings and set data usage limits in the Netflix app to avoid unwanted surprises and monitor consumption. With these tips you can have smooth, high-quality streaming, without worrying about interruptions or technical problems.

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how to use Netflix while traveling

Tips for using Netflix on the go

To make the most of Netflix while traveling, we want to give you some tipspractical. Youwe therefore recommend considering the download function to watch films and TV series offline. Create a list of content to download before you leave, perfect for taking advantage of during downtime such as train journeys or flights. If you are wondering how to use Netflix on the go without logging in problems, the "remember password" function could help you. Activate this option on the Netflix app for quick access to your favorite content without having to enter details every time. Explore local content by using Netflix's “discover” feature to find movies and TV shows from where you are. This will allow you to discover new interesting programs linked to the culture and traditions of the place you are visiting, to enrich your travel experience.

Security Considerations

There are some precautions you need to take into consideration to ensure your data security and privacy if you use Netflix while traveling. Using a VPN is a way to mask your location, protect your personal data from potential threats, and be able to establish a secure, encrypted connection while streaming. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or sharing sensitive information on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Always keep your devices updated with the latest security systems and use strong passwords to protect your accounts. Thanks to these precautions, you can use Netflix on the go without worrying about your data. Properly protecting yourself and following best online security practices is very important to having an enjoyable streaming experience during your adventures.

New Netflix rates 2023

Netflix prices have recently changed, also thanks to the increasingly high quality of the service and the choice of TV series, films and documentaries available. The updated rates, if you are thinking of subscribing to the streaming platform, are as follows.

  • Standard Netflix, with ads costs 5.49 euros per month (for one user only)
  • Basic Netflix costs 7.49 euros per month (always for a single user)
  • Standard Netflix with ads, shared with another person, amounts to 12.99 euros per month
  • Standard Netflix plus an extra costs 17.98 euros per month and can be shared with a person outside your household
  • Netflix premium now costs 17.99 euros per month, perfect if you have a group of up to 4 people to share the service with
  • Netflix premium plus one extra goes up to the price of 22.98 euros per month, to be shared with a person outside your family unit. If you add 4.99 euros, another person will also be able to use it.

Netflix away from home and shared subscription

In addition to recent price increases for the Netflix service, the streaming platform has also changed its account sharing rules. According to the new criteria, the account can only be shared between people who are part of the same household. What does it mean? That all people sharing the service must connect their devices, at least once a month, to the internet line (IP address) of the main account.

But what if you are part of a household with a shared account but want to use Netflix on the go? In this case, you can still use the streaming service by logging in on other devices or on your own, even during holidays. The only small inconvenience is that, every time, the main season ticket holder will receive an email with a code that must be promptly communicated.

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