How to organize a trip to Asia: guide and practical advice

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Find out how to organize a trip to Asia with our complete guide andrichof practical advice and tours not to be missed.

If you dream of organizing a trip toAsia, you are in the right place. In this complete guide to Asia, we will offer you practical advice and tips to best plan your adventure in the East. This continent is one of the richest destinations in culture and adventure. You will find out howto selectthe countries to visit, manage the documentation and the budget, make sure you are ready to immerse yourself in the local culture.Get ready to live unforgettable experiences among breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and the incredible cultural richness of Asia.

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Organizing a trip to Asia: planning

Before planning a trip to Asia, it is essential to take the time to research and plan. Start by identifying what you prefer, choosing the activities that are most up your alley. Then decide when to go and how much time to spend in the East, so that you can calmly plan all the stages of your itinerary. An important aspect is research on climate and weather conditions. Each Asian region has different seasons, so it is essential to know what is the best time to visit the chosen countries. Take the time to plan carefully and make the most of every moment of your trip to Asia.

guide Asia

Travel documents and visas

Before leaving for your trip to Asia it is essential to take care of the required documents and necessary formalities. Check the visa requirements for the countries you wish to visit and make sure you have everything in order. For example,China, Cambodia, India or Vietnamrequire a visa fromrequestbefore departure. Also, please be aware of any travel restrictions or advisories issued by your country's government for selected Asian states. Don't forget to stipulatecomprehensive travel insuranceto ensure adequate coverage in case of medical emergencies.

Budget for organizing a trip to Asia

Financial planning is a key element of planning a trip to Asia. Determine an approximate budget by considering the costs of flights, accommodation, food, transportation and activities. Explore different types of accommodation to adapt the budget to your needs. Also consider economical transportation options, such as trains or buses to optimize costs. Also, plan ahead and consider flexibility in dates to get cheaper rates. Accurate financial planning will help you enjoy your trip without financial worries.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are paramount when traveling to Asia. Before leaving, consult your doctor to check whether specific vaccinations or prophylaxis are necessary for the destinations you have chosen. Pay attention to personal hygiene, drink only safe drinking water and take dietary precautions to avoid problems. Your health and safety are priorities to enjoy a peaceful trip to Asia.

Guide to traditions in Asia

In this guide to Asia we want to advise you to study the traditions, customs and local etiquette of the countries you will visit. Consider using translation apps and learn the basic words of the language. Respect cultural norms, such as dressing appropriately for religious or conservative places. Be open and respectful towards the local population, learning some ways of greeting or expressions of gratitude. On every trip, remember to respect the traditions of the place.

Guide to food in Asia

Asia offers an amazing culinary variety and exploring its cuisine is an unmissable experience while traveling. Taste local specialties and discover new flavors that will surprise you. For example, aBangkokvarious are offeredcooking classwhere you will learn to cook typical dishes such ascurry, pad thai or fried rice. Even in Bali, with amini cooking classyou will be able to experiment with the preparation ofnasi goreng or campur noses.

cooking class Thailand

Guide to activities not to be missed in Asia

There are definitely some countries that you will be most attracted to and will absolutely want to visit. Below you can find the places that absolutely must be included in a trip to Asia. Being a very large continent, choose which ones to explore based on your preferences.


There Thailandit is the "Land of smiles", impossible not to include in a guide to Asia. We recommend you visitthe temples of Bangkok and floating markets. Explore the north by visiting theWhite Temple of Chiang Rai, or get lost in the southern islands.

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The Vietnamcontains some of the most spectacular places in the world, such as Ha Long Bay, where you can spendone night on a cruise.Don't miss cities likeHanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An, to explore Vietnamese culture and history.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN HO CHI MINH CITY: find all offers for accommodation


One of the most famous temple complexes in the world is located in Cambodia,Angkor Wat. Book a guided tour to discover everything about this sacred place.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN SIEM REAP: find all offers for accommodation


Organizing a trip to Asia for many of you certainly means including the land of the Rising Sun. From the metropolis ofTokyoto characteristic Japanese cities, this country will excite you. Don't forget to visitKyoto, Nara and the Fushimi Inari Taisha.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN TOKYO: find all offers for accommodation

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The Philippinesthey are a little-known destination, but truly worthy.Explore the El Nido archipelago, on the island of Palawan, with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Or the neighborCoron Island, with its beautiful lakes and rich marine life.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN EL NIDO: find all offers for accommodation

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another country that is still unknown to many, but which is home to numerous natural and cultural beauties. You can do ajeep toursin Yala National Park, ORget on the panoramic trainwhich passes over the "Nine Arches", enjoying the uncontaminated nature.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN YALA: find all offers for accommodation

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Let it be a visit toGreat Wall of China, a ride toShanghai or a hike in Zhangjiajie National Park, The Chinawill be able to offer you an unforgettable experience.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN SHANGAI: find all offers for accommodation


Book a tour forexplore the golden triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, visiting the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. Visit Varanasi and the Ganges River, witha boat excursionto admire local traditions, or follow thefootsteps of the Buddha in a meditative experience between India and Tibet.

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L 'Uzkbekistanit is a country rich in culture, traditions,good Uzbek food, ancient cities and breathtaking landscapes. Although it is not a mainstream destination in Asia, know that this land is truly capable of enchanting. From the fairy taleSamarkandto ancient Khiva, from the red desert to cheerful Bukhara, choosea trip to Uzbekistanit means choosing the Country of the Arabian Nights.

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There are truly many other countries in Asia that deserve to be visited, just think of theIndonesia, The Malaysia, The South Korea, The Nepaland theMaldives. This continent contains not only some of the most beautiful jewels but also some of the 7 wonders of the modern world, such as the picturesquePetra. If you love adventure, nights under the same and visits to ancient and impressive archaeological sites, then choose atour to Jordan: You will not regret it.

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