How to organize a plane trip with children: useful tips

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From the documents you don't need to forget to all the precautions to fully enjoy your flight with the children, without unnecessary worries.

Traveling by plane with children may seem difficult at first glance, but it is not. There are obviously some favorite destinations and precautions to take, but organizing a trip with children is possible and can even be pleasant. READ ALSO:

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Your little ones may be fascinated by the magic of the plane, the process of travel and fall in love with it right away.

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Where to travel by plane with children?

Choosing nearby destinations is perfect for a plane trip with children:Italy and Europethey offer phenomenal and often not too expensive destinations. London is a perfect city to start with, full of activities suitable even for the little ones. ORParis, with Disneyland Paris, a real paradise for adults and children.

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We are about to offer you a series of useful tips for traveling by plane with children, to ensure that the holiday goes smoothly, without unnecessary stress or worries. Read on to learn more!

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The organization first of all

Before organizing a plane trip with children, make sure you have the necessary documents. Even if it is a newborn, an identity document is required: passport or identity card are fine. If you travel to Europe, a passport will not be necessary, simplifying the bureaucratic process even more. Remember that if you decide to visit London, you will need a passport.

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Then check if your child needs a seat on the plane: in most cases, children under two years of age never pay the cost of the full ticket but must travel on their parents' lap.Some low-cost airlines, on the other hand, require a small surcharge, from 20 to 30 euros, even for the little ones. Always check your chosen airline's policy to avoid surprises at the airport.From 2 years up to 12 years, airlines usually offer discounts, even if they are not so significant. Most often the price is slightly less than the cost of an adult.

The stroller at check-in

Each airline allows you to take on a stroller or a car seat, if foldable, in addition to other baggage in the hold. At check-in, the flight attendants will let you know if you can take the stroller to the plane, or if you have to check it in the hold.If you can take it to the plane, the ground staff must apply a tag to identify the stroller and hand it over upon landing.

Security checks

As far as milk or baby food is concerned, the classic rules apply: the packages must be less than 100 ml and pass through the scanner, where the content will be checked. The stroller will also have to go through the scanner if it is present as hand luggage.Children under the age of two can pass through the metal detector in the arms of a parent, while, if they are older, they will have to do it independently.

Hand luggage and air travel with children: organized!

Traveling by plane with children is also possible thanks to an organization that allows you to make the journey as easy as possible.Make sure you have a couple of baby changes and a few plastic bags in your hand luggage. Pacifier or bottle for small children are essential, as well as lots of water and moisturizer to combat the dryness of the environment inside the aircraft cabin.

Also remember to include some puppets or toys to entertain them on board, especially during take-off and landing. The idea of ​​bringing paper and colors to give vent to one's creativity while traveling by plane is also excellent.In long-haul journeys, or on some airlines, there will also be multimedia entertainment, through monitors in front of each seat. You will find a great variety of games, movies and TV series or cartoons, which your child will surely like.

Air travel with children, hand luggage

Food on the plane

When traveling by plane with babies, make sure you have enough milk for the duration of the flight if you use a bottle. You can keep it in a small fridge bag and ask the airline staff to warm it up when needed.If, on the other hand, the child is a little older, you can request a baby menu before the flight, through the airline's website. For short-haul flights, this is often not provided: stock up on snacks or buy something after security.

Plugged ears on board

During landing or take-off, due to the change in pressure, severe ear discomfort may occur, both for adults and children.If the baby is small, you can give him a bottle or a pacifier to relieve the discomfort, while for the older ones, offer a candy or a biscuit to chew. Blowing your nose can also help you feel less discomfort during these phases of flight.

The landing stage

It's time to get off: collect your hand luggage and go to the baggage claim! Make sure you take your stroller back if you left it with the airline staff before boarding. Many times, this is found in the special luggage category, as it is different from suitcases.

A few last tips for traveling by plane with children

Sometimes it's not easy, as you never know how your little one might react.Always remember to make him experience this as something magical and unique, especially if it's the first time. Make them experience this moment as special, where you will be suspended above the earth, to reach a new place to discover.Always carry candies, sweets, or salty snacks with you to avoid sudden hunger attacks or tantrums and screams that you definitely want to avoid.Pick him up, tell him a story, read him a book or watch a cartoon with him - just like you would at home.Organizing a trip with children can be done very easily with little attention and great organization. Always remember to adapt to his rhythms and schedules, preferring flights that can also be comfortable for the little one.

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