Argimusco plateau, the Stonehenge of Sicily: itineraries and info

byVerónica Crocitti
Argimusco plateau, Sicily

The Argimusco plateau is among the most surreal places in Sicily: all the information on how to get there, the itineraries, the history and the names of the megaliths.

On the border between the Nebrodi and the Peloritani, straddling the towns ofMontalbano Helicon, Tripi and Roccella Valdemone, a mysterious place rises where imposing sandstone rocks with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic shapes rise.

The Argimusco plateau is one of the most surreal places in theSicily, ideal for those who are always looking for little-known gems, "mystery" journeys and, why not, trekking itineraries between greenery and nature (right next to it is the picturesque Bosco di Malabotta).

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The history of the Megaliths of Argimusco

The mighty rocks, or megaliths, found within the Argimusco plateau have often been compared to the site "England's Stonehenge” for their suggestive shapes that recall animals and men. But does this correlation really exist?


In terms of landscape, there is no doubt that some rocks recall the English sisters, but it would seem that on Argimusco no human intervention has caused the megaliths to assume these positions and these forms. According to studies, in fact, it would have been all the work of wind and water.

The observation of the sky – Astronomical site

When man discovered the vast plateau of the Argimusco Plateau, he immediately understood that the perfect alignment of the rocks could represent an ideal place for observing the sky. It is almost certain, therefore, that this place has had a ritual and astronomical function in the past.

Argimusco plateau, Sicily

For all these reasons, scholars tend to compare the Argimusco Plateau, rather than Stonehenge, to the "Marcahuasi" ofFile, In Peru.

The itineraries of the Argimusco plateau

There is a beautiful trekking route that winds around the mighty rocks of the Argimusco plateau and allows you to reach all the main points of interest in the area.


Argimusco Plateau - Messina, Sicily | Italy

The main trailit begins at the wooden gate that is located in front of the parking lot of the Argimusco plateau and can be covered in about 30/40 minutes. It is a very simple route, suitable for everyone, perfectly traced and flat (tennis or trekking shoes are however recommended).

The names and shapes of the Megaliths

Following themain trailyou have the opportunity to see all the best known megaliths of the Argimusco plateau:

  • Great Mammoth;
  • Little Mammoth;
  • The door;
  • The Lion's Gateo Priest: a space between two mehirs from which it is possible to see the sunrise during the solstices;
  • The Rupe dell'Acqua orPraying: it is the most famous megalith, on top of which there is arectangular tubwhere sacred water rites are believed to have taken place in the past;
  • The Serpent's Head;
  • The Great Rock;
  • The Crest of the Dragon;
  • The Eagle;
  • The Baby Elephant.

How to get to the Argimusco plateau

Argimusco is located in the province ofMessina, just a few kilometers away fromMontalbano Helicon, in the Nebrodi area. The only way to reach the town is by car/motorcycle (or by bus with organized excursions):

  • From Palermo(2 hours and 40 minutes) orMessina(1 hour and 20 minutes): along the A20 Messina – Palermo motorway, take the Falcone exit and continue towards Montalbano Elicona. The Argimusco plateau is located 10 kilometers (15 minutes) away from the historic centre.
  • From Catania(about 1 hour and 45 minutes): via the A18 Messina – Catania motorway, take the Fiumefreddo exit and continue towards Solicchiata. From there continue towards Roccella Valdemone and finally follow the signs for Sito Argimusco.

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