Amendolea waterfalls in Aspromonte: trekking itinerary and advice

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Trekking to the Amendolea waterfalls Calabria

The trekking itinerary of the Amendolea waterfalls in Aspromonte: some advice to make the most of this excursion in Calabria.

In Calabrianothing is missing. In addition to the beautiful beaches of theCoast of the Gods, its natural parks are also worth exploring, perfect for practicing outdoor sports, such as hiking and trekking. In this article we thought we'd give you some advice on the trekking itinerary of the Amendolea Falls in Aspromonte, a true wonder of nature in the SouthItaly.

Trekking itinerary to the Amendolea waterfalls in Aspromonte

The sound of pure, fresh water flowing from a waterfall in the middle of the greenery is so relaxing that it can take your mind off any worries. If you are looking for a little known oasis of peace, we point out the Amendolea waterfalls in the Aspromonte National Park, in Calabria. To get there you have to follow a trekking itinerary of about 50 minutes of which we are now leaving you with all the information.

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Trekking itinerary for the Amendolea waterfalls

The Amendolea waterfalls, also known as Maesano waterfalls, are formed by three waterfalls that flow into pools dug entirely into the rock. Although not known to everyone, they are one of the favorite excursions for trekking lovers in Calabria because the path to reach them allows you to admire incredible panoramas in the middle of nature.

The itinerary to follow is no. 32 of the Cadastre of the paths of the Aspromonte National Park. It is difficult to hike with white-red signs and covers the municipalities of Roccaforte del Greco and Roghudi. However, Gambarie is the closest inhabited center, in case you are looking for a bar, a supermarket or an area where you can have a picnic while tasting typical local products including preserves, pickled mushrooms and 'nduja. The path can also be followed by amateur hikers: it has an ascent of 150 m and a descent of about 100 m, while for the rest it is almost flat.

The path to reach the Amendolea waterfalls

The trekking route to the Amendolea waterfalls begins at the Menta stream, at an altitude of 1350 metres. Cross the river and then go down to the right where there are some groves of larch pine, beech and silver fir. Passing to the left of the river, you arrive at a crossroads and from there continue downhill on the right. Arriving at a slope, you will be able to admire a panoramic view between rocks and large pine trees. From this point, proceeding halfway up the slope, you reach the viewpoint of the Maesano waterfalls. Then, if you want to get close, you have to go downhill, but be careful because you slip. Arriving at the bed of the stream, go up on the right side, so as to arrive at the first waterfall. For the return, the same itinerary will be done backwards.

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It could be dangerous to dive into the jet of the waterfall because the water is forcefully pushed into the pools and it is also advisable not to climb the rocks to reach the waterfalls. On the contrary, we advise you to swim in the emerald green lake at the foot of the waterfalls. However, bear in mind that the water temperature is very cold, even in the height of summer!

How to get there, where to sleep and practical information

What time to start the trekking itinerary

We advise you to leave in the morning, possibly early, regardless of the season. Indeed, in summer it is the coolest moment of the day, while in winter it is ideal to take advantage of the morning light and avoid returning after dark.

How to reach the Amendolea waterfalls by car

The Amendolea waterfalls cannot be reached directly by car. However, one of the municipalities closest to this area of ​​the Aspromonte Park is Melito di Porto Salvo, which is part of the metropolitan city ofReggio Calabria.

Starting from this village, you have to go up the SS 183 for about 45 km towards Gambarie, then turn right towards Montalto. You have to proceed on the road for 4 km and then turn right towards the Menta dam. After 7 km, you arrive at the dam control centre. At this point, you can park your car and then proceed on foot along the marked road and begin the trekking itinerary towards the Amendolea waterfalls.

Where to sleep

In the surroundings of the Aspromonte Park there is no shortage of efficient structures equipped with all the services you may need for your stay. There are many attractions in the surrounding area, whether you are a fan of trekking, hiking, climbing, skiing or sport fishing.

WHERE TO SLEEP IN ASPROMONTE: Find all the offers for accommodations

What and where to eat

This area of ​​Calabria is known for its cheeses and cured meats and the typical bread baked in a wood oven. Furthermore, in the territory of the Aspromonte park there are some exceptional restaurants and farmhouses, which offer menus based on raw materials and keep prices low.

What to bring and wear for hiking

To go trekking to the Amendolea waterfalls in Aspromonte it is essential to wear comfortable clothes: a light suit in the warm seasons and a fleece and fleece trousers when the temperatures are cooler. As far as footwear is concerned, hiking boots are of great help in order not to slip on the rocks and avoid getting hurt in the event of obstacles.

If you go in the period from the end of May to September, you could also wear a bathing suit under your clothes and bring a towel to bathe in the lake at the foot of the Amendolea waterfalls. Furthermore, we recommend that you bring a sack lunch and enough water to rehydrate during the itinerary, especially in summer when it is very hot.

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