7-day itinerary in southern Sardinia

byVerónica Crocitti

From Cagliari to Chia, passing through the island of Sant'Antioco and Costa Rei: a 7-day itinerary in the south of Sardinia, a magical island.

With white beaches, sky-blue seas, sheer cliffs and still wild landscapes, the southern part of the island ofSardiniait is one of the most loved summer destinations ever.

Whether you are looking for soft sand where you can spread out your towels, trekking paths between beauty and nature or, again, delicacies to be enjoyed at sunset in front of a clear blue canvas, know that the 7-day itinerary in southern Sardinia that I propose in this article is exactly for you.

7-day itinerary in southern Sardinia

L’isola della Sardegna è, senza dubbio, una delle regioni d’Italia più adatte ad una vacanza di sole, mare, relax… e cultura. Basti pensare a zone come l’arcipelago della Maddalena, la pittoresca Alghero,the very colourfulBosa… and yet all of Gallura with its thousand-year-old archaeological sites and Nuragic and pre-Nuragic remains.

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A whole month would not be enough to tour the entire island and, for this reason, the best advice is to concentrate "in areas", take advantage of one of theseholiday offers in Sardinia, and then explore, slowly and on several occasions, all the facets of this wonderful land. The 7-day itinerary that I propose in this article specifically explores the southern part of Sardinia, starting and ending in Cagliari.


Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, can only be the starting and ending point of any itinerary in the south of the island. It is here, in fact, that both the international airport and the port are located, both perfectly connected to the main cities of Italy, d'Europeand the Mediterranean.

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Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, opposite the northern coasts of Africa, the city of Cagliari has so much to show. Among the main things to see are the castle, theCathedral of Santa Maria, the archaeological museum, theCity Palace, the beach ofPoetto(nearest) and theSan Benedetto market, a true riot of smells, flavors and colors. Also highly recommendedtour of underground Cagliari!

Itinerary 7 days south Sardinia


Once the city of Cagliari has been explored, the 7-day itinerary in southern Sardinia moves eastwards until it reaches Villasimius, a small pearl where unspoilt nature reigns supreme.

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Very white beaches interspersed with sheer cliffs represent the main feature of Villasimius which, seen on the geographical map, looks like a real crown.

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Itinerary 7 days south Sardinia

Among the attractions not to be missed stand outChief Carbonara, Capo Boi with the protected marine area (a paradise for those who love snorkelling and diving), the beaches ofPorto sa Ruxi, Campulonguand del Riso, so called because of the particular shape of the sand which, in fact, recalls that of rice grains.

Costa Rei

The road that connects Villasimius to Costa Rei winds along the south-eastern coast of Sardinia and gets lost in landscapes characterized by Mediterranean scrub and lush hills. Here you could opt for a niceboat ride with snorkelingamong the crystalline waters.

Itinerary 7 days south Sardinia

The maritime fraction of Costa Rai extends from Porto Pirastu toCala Sinzias, for almost 10 kilometers, and represents one of the wildest areas of the entire Sardinian island. Among the most suggestive beaches, Cala Pira stands out, a small bay surrounded by junipers and dominated by an Aragonese tower, Cala Sinzias and therock of Peppino, in Santa Giusta, one of the most instagrammed places ever.

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The second part of the 7-day itinerary to discover southern Sardinia returns to Cagliari and then continues west, with destination Chia.

Important Phoenician center, Chia is a natural inlet which, beyond the scenic beauty, has an ancient history linked to the Crown of Spain. In fact, it is here that, in the 17th century, the Spaniards had a coastal tower built to protect against the incursions of Barbary corsairs.

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Inside the center you can still see the remains of the ancient road that connected Chia to the city of Nora (today traveled by bikers and trekking enthusiasts) as well as a Punic tophet.

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Among the most beautiful beaches of Chia stand outSa Tuerra, Porto Campana, Su Sali and Su Giudeu beach, also called s'Abba Durci beach due to the fresh water. Also not to be missed are the Spartivento pond, Cala Cipolla and theCapo Spartivento lighthousefrom which it is possible to enjoy a panorama of the entire coast.

Island of Sant'Antioco

The icing on the cake of the 7-day itinerary in southern Sardinia that I propose to you is represented by the island of Sant'Antioco, about 1 hour and a half by car from Chia and also reachable byadventurous kayak tour.

Itinerary 7 days south Sardinia

With colorful houses and an always cheerful aura, the island of Sant'Antioco is the soul of the Sulcis archipelago and is connected to the mainland by an artificial isthmus built by the Punics and later perfected by the Romans. Among the things to see in the small town stand out themuseum on Magasinu de su binu, the MuMa (museum that retraces an itinerary made up of maritime traditions), the basilica of Sant'Antioco, the necropolis, the catacombs, thesa Presonedda mausoleum, the ruins of about thirty nuraghes such ass'Ega de Marteddu and Antiogu Diana, the sacred springs, the tombs of the Giants and the Grutt'i acqua complex.

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The coasts of the island of Sant'Antioco, in addition to being a must for those who want to experience the true Sardinia of the South, are characterized by high and jagged coasts interrupted by coves surrounded by juniper trees such as the small Portixeddu, the closest beach to the centre. Not to be missed thenTurri beach, full of pebbles, that ofMaladroxawhose gray color is linked to the presence of thermal waters, the cliff isPraneddas o arco dei Baci e Cala Sapone con accanto la tonnara risalente all’800.

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