5 car itineraries to do on the road in Europe

byIrene Righetto

The 5 itineraries to do on the road in Europe: Norway, Portugal, European capitals will amaze you with their beauties.

If you are looking for road adventures, you are in the right place. Here are five exciting itineraries on the roadEuropewhich will lead you to discover breathtaking views, fascinating cities and hidden treasures along the streets of the old continent. Let yourself be guided by the freedom of a road trip, with the possibility of stopping whenever and wherever you want. Europe truly satisfies everyone, with cities of art, picturesque landscapes and fascinating coasts.

5 road itineraries in Europe

Now that you are sure you are taking a trip by car, all you have to do is choose the destination. FromItalyyou can reach any European capital in a few hours,rent a carand begin the adventure. After purchasing atravel insurance, you will be ready tostart.

Norway: from south to north

The first of the best road itineraries in Europe begins inOslowhere we recommend you spend a day among museums, parks (that ofVigelandis unmissable) and local markets. Here you can visit theParadox Museum, between optical illusions and interactive activities, or join a3 hour bike tourto slowly explore the city. Then continue towardsBergen, surrounded by mountains, and savor the delicacies of the fish market. In the center of Norway make a stop atDovrefjell National Park, where you can admire animals such as musk ox, reindeer or arctic fox. Then move toTrondheim, a port city home to a beautiful fjord, and reach the beautiful Lofoten Islands by taking a ferry and exploring magical fjords and fishing villages. Finally, head north, where you can witness the magical lights of the Northern Lights atTromsø, thanks to aorganized tour. There Norwayawaits you for a car itinerary that you will remember forever.

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itineraries on the road Europe

The region of Andalusia on the road

The Andalusia region deserves to be included in the best road itineraries in Europe. This region ofSpainit is rich in history, culture and incredible landscapes, and will give you an unforgettable experience. Start your journey atSeville, the capital, with majestic monuments such as the Giralda and the Alcázar (we advise you to buy aticketwhich allows you to skip the queue). Then continue towardsCordoba, famous for the spectacular Mosque-Cathedral, an architectural jewel. With aguided touryou can discover the whole history of this place.

The next stage isGranada, where the famous one is locatedAlhambra, among enchanted gardens, majestic palaces and Moorish fountains.Buy the ticketin advance to ensure entry. Attend oneflamenco show, one of the most typical artistic expressions of the region is one of the best activities in the area. Continue your itinerary towards the coast and discover the beauty ofMalaga, Picasso's hometown. Here you can spend a day on the beach, dive into the crystal clear sea and immerse yourself in the nightlife. Finally, you reach the city ofCadiz, where we recommend you do ahop-on hop-off tourby bus to easily visit the cathedral, the Roman theatre, the Spanish Steps and the most beautiful beaches.

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itineraries on the road Europe

Discovering Portugal

Another of the itineraries on the road in Europe is inPortugal, one of the continent's hidden gems. Start your adventure in the capitalLisbon, where you can visit historical monuments such as theBelem Towerand the Jerónimos Monastery. Explore the enchanting neighborhood of Alfama, get lost in the picturesque alleys and listen to fado music in one of the traditional venues. Then continue towardsSintra, an enchanting city with sumptuous palaces and enchanting gardens such as the National Palace and thePena Palace. From here, drive to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of the European continent, for incredible ocean views. The next stop is theShrine of Fatima, where there is a place of great pilgrimage for millions of faithful. Also stop byCoimbra, a university city with a beautiful medieval historic center and, a little further north, adAveiro, also known as the “Venice of Portugal” for its canals and gondola-shaped boats.During your trip don't forget to taste the traditional cuisine, including the delicious porco preto and the famous Belém pastries (among the bestthings to eat in Portugal). The itinerary on the road then continues towardsPort, a city famous for wine where you cannot missvisit the cellars and taste the renowned Port. We advise you torent the car to Lisbon, and leave it to the final stage.

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itineraries on the road Europe

The capitals of Eastern Europe on the road

Among the 5 best road itineraries in Europe there couldn't fail to be one that included the picturesque eastern capitals. The first stage isBudapest, the splendid capital ofHungary, famous forthe spa, where you can relax in warm regenerating waters. In Budapest you can visit theBuda Castleand take oneromantic cruiseon the Danube at sunset. Then drive towardsPrague, In Czech Republic, where you can get lost in the historic Staré Město neighborhood and admire the astronomical clock in the main square. Continue towardsWarsaw, the capital ofPoland, and discover its troubled history. Here, with aticket on a hop-on hop-off bus you can visit the city and discover everything about Polish culture. Finally head towardsBucharest, In Romania, where you can explore theParliament building, one of the largest buildings in the world, and stroll through the green parks of Herastrau and Cișmigiu. Last stop,Belgrade, capital ofSerbia. Here there is an important fortress that you can visit with aguided tour

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Amalfi Coast

How can we forget a trip to Europe among the itineraries on the road in EuropeItaly? The Belpaese is an excellent destination for overland adventures,but surelythe Amalfi Coast will amaze you. Start your itinerary atPositano, a pearl set between the mountains and the sea. Lose yourself among the colorful alleys and stop to watch the sunset from Fornillo beach. Then continue towardsAmalfi, a historic city rich in culture and architecture. Here you can visit the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea and taste the delicious Sfogliatella, a sweet specialty of the region. Then continue towards Ravello, famous for the gardens of Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo.Then head towards Sorrento, among cobbled streets, local craft shops and the scents of citrus groves. Taste limoncello, a traditional drink of the region, and then stop inNapleswhere you absolutely must taste everythingtypical street food. The next day, take a boat to Capri,explore the Blue Grotto, walk through the streets of Capri and Anacapri, and stop to watch the sunset at Punta Carena. To conclude your itinerary we recommend leaving your car in Naples, your final stop.

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itineraries on the road Europe

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